Do business with Canada

Canadian companies will be present at IFAT 2024 – the leading trade fair for environmental technologies – in Munich, from May 13th to 17th.

  • AEP-THERMAL has established itself as a trailblazer in the field of High Voltage Electrode Boilers. The company has successfully constructed over 4 GW of these exceptional boilers worldwide.

    A.E.P. – Thermal Inc.

  • Acme Engineering manufactures automatic, self-cleaning strainers for intake, process and wastewater treatment, gas detection systems for building ventilation control, and electric, zero-emissions hot water and steam boilers.

    Acme Engineering Products Ltd.

  • Allied is a North American Manufacturer of Centrifuges and control systems for the heavy industrial, food, and municipal markets.


  • Manufacturer of high speed Turbo Blowers & Aeration Systems. APG-Neuros is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment markets in North America, Western Europe and the Middle East.


  • With connected safety devices and predictive analytics, Blackline enables companies to drive towards zero safety incidents and improved operational performance. Blackline provides wearable devices, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software, and data analytics.

    Blackline Safety

  • Clearflow Group Inc. are pioneers in water treatment solutions, boasting a distinguished line of specialty polymers seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge mechanical reactor systems. Clearflow’s proprietary technology, Gel Flocculants, stands as a leader in environmental stewardship, offering a passive treatment approach that dramatically reduces operational burdens.

    Clearflow Group

  • Cyclic Materials recycles end-of-life consumer products containing rare earth permanent magnets. anent magnets. Cyclic Materials produces several critical metals from its recycling operations, including rare earth oxides, copper, cobalt, and nickel, which are critical for electrifying transportation and energy.

    Cyclic Materials

  • Innovative approach in heat recovery from sludge. Direct sludge-to-sludge heat recovery system, and water-to-sludge heat exchangers (in waste water plants). Grey/black water recovery (in large hotels and condos and hospitals). City sewage pipes energy recovery (in any large building).


  • EM Fluids is a global water and wastewater remediation company with a disruptive device, EMF 1000, which facilitates the oxygenation of very large open waterbodies WITHOUT the need for chemicals, fossil fuels, grid power, highly skilled operating staff, or costly infrastructure.

    E M Fluids Inc.

  • Water and Wastewater Intelligent Technologies specializes in improving water and wastewater management with innovative solutions, including the Select® system for enhanced sludge treatment, EssDe’s deammonification for ammonia removal, and the energy-saving Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology.

    ETA Intelligent Technologies

  • Fibracast Ltd.’s FibrePlate is an innovative hybrid MBR technology, merging Hollow Fiber and Plate & Frame advantages with unique horizontal channels and a flow-through design for reduced maintenance and energy savings. This technology represents a breakthrough in membrane performance, designed to address operational challenges efficiently.


  • Filtrum Construction is a Canadian specialist in environmental infrastructure construction, focusing on water and wastewater treatment facilities, anaerobic digestion to generate biogas and related equipment.


  • Fournier is a high-caliber equipment supplier and industrial constructor, active in the water treatment, mining, aluminum smelting and heavy industry sectors.


  • Global emissions monitoring for the waste management industry. Quantify emissions from landfills and dumpsites with GHGSat’s unique satellite emissions monitoring service.


  • Harvest Recycling is a pioneering waste management and recycling company focusing on drastically reducing landfill waste through an innovative, patent-pending collection method. The company offers sustainable, cost-effective waste solutions to diverse sectors.

    Harvest Recycling

  • inCTRL develops creative solutions integrating classic engineering techniques with data analytics and modern software development processes in optimizing municipal and industrial wastewater and biogas treatment processes.

    inCTRL Solutions Inc.

  • IonO2x® is Green Technology odor elimination and one of the most Effective and Energy Efficient systems available for that purpose.


  • Ketek Group, with 45 years of experience, specializes in providing equipment and services for industries including oil, gas, mining, and municipal, emphasizing environmental stewardship and ethical practices.

    Ketek Group

  • Lotic Technologies is a full-service Environmental Technology Provider. Utilizing the Best-Practice Project Management techniques, Lotic personnel can take-on, plan, design, and execute even the most challenging Environmental Projects.

    Lotic Technologies

  • Global leader in applied molecular biology diagnostics, with solutions and services that deliver accurate and actionable feedback in bioprocessing, biofouling, and biosecurity applications.


  • Machinex is a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and recycling equipment, offering turnkey and custom solutions to elevate recycling efficiency and profitability. With over 50 years of experience, Machinex serves various sectors with its innovative, in-house produced equipment, ensuring high performance and low maintenance.


  • MANTECH specializes in manufacturing water and soil quality analyzers, including the PeCOD® analyzer for rapid BOD/COD analysis, aimed at enhancing efficiency for labs and treatment facilities. Their advanced, automated systems offer real-time analysis across multiple parameters, supporting environmental protection and operational cost reduction.


  • McMillan-McGee Corp. is a unique thermal remediation and technology company. With over 150 projects across the globe and operational locations in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Shanghai, and Europe, Mc2’s technology board comprises the world’s leading experts in applied electromagnetics and electrical heating of porous media.

    McMillan-McGee Corp.

  • Napier-Reid is a leading water and wastewater treatment solutions company with an established reputation for design innovation and manufacturing excellence.Our capabilities include professional engineering, manufacturing, installation, and field support.


  • Nelson Environmental Remediation, Ltd. specializes in mobile thermal soil remediation for hydrocarbon-contaminated soils since 1992, boasting the largest fleet in North America and competing globally. They offer cost-effective, sometimes guaranteed solutions for all project phases, regardless of climate or soil conditions.

    Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd.

  • Nexom (now including EDI and Napier Reid) designs and supplies the next wave of proven technologies for cleaner water so municipalities and industries can confidently meet and exceed every treatment need.


  • Pi² Technologies develops, produces and markets solutions for covering and treating odorous surfaces to minimize odor and GHG emissions.

    Pi² Technologies

  • Deep Trekker produces advanced, rapidly deployable ROVs and pipe crawlers for diverse industrial applications. Their technology, which includes 4K cameras and various sensor integrations, offers efficient and cost-effective alternatives to conventional inspection methods.

    Pipe Trekker by Deep Trekker

  • Polystyvert, a Canadian Clean-tech firm, revolutionizes plastic recycling through its patented process that transforms contaminated, non-recyclable plastics into pure recycled resin, reducing emissions by up to 90%.


  • 1,500 team members on three continents, united by a commitment to protect our planet with sustainable local solutions.

    Premier Tech

  • Real Tech, now a part of ABB, leads in real-time water quality monitoring with over 10,000 installations worldwide in various sectors, offering a rapid detection suite for essential water quality parameters. Their innovative portfolio, leveraging spectrophotometry and fluorescence, enables customizable, real-time water analysis solutions.

    Real Tech Water

  • Groupe RIVRA is made up of 5 social economy companies working together in the field of recovery, reuse, recycling and the circular economy, while offering recognized support services to people who are far from the job market.


  • RJ Enviro Tech Inc. is a technology development company that has patented phase separation technology, initially developed with the objective of cleaning oil sands’ tailing ponds in Northern Alberta.  The company quickly realized the technology had many applications where oil is being lost in water during the recovery process but focused on developing our phase…

    RJ Enviro Tech Inc.

  • Specializing in the design and production of high-performance grapples, loaders, and other material handling equipment, Rotobec’s product line is synonymous with durability, precision, and efficiency.


  • ALTRA | SANEXEN has been a leading provider of environmental and water solutions for over 40 years. Our team continues to deliver creative and customized solutions to industrial, municipal and governmental customers and partners.

    Sanexen Stp

  • SciCorp’s BIOLOGIC™ is a plant-based micronutrient that enhances wastewater treatment by reducing odors, FOG, and biosolids, while also boosting removal rates of COD, BOD, N, and P up to 25%, and reducing energy use by the same margin. It has a proven track record in various municipal and industrial plants globally.

    SciCorp International Corp.

  • SENTRY™ sensors enhance wastewater treatment by offering real-time insights into BOD and VFA levels, helping over 170 global sites optimize performance and biogas production through better monitoring of influent variability and digester health.


  • Spectra Scientific, with over 25 years in the industry, designs and manufactures environmental monitoring instruments for groundwater sampling and water quality analysis, offering robust solutions like pumps and sensors for diverse projects, from landfills to mining.

    Spectra Scientific Inc.

  • Thetis Environmental’s PermaFluxTM is an innovative ultrafiltration membrane technology for high-strength/high-solids wastewater, offering unique design and energy savings. Tailored for challenging applications, it stands out for efficiency and versatility in wastewater treatment.

    Thetis Environmental

  • Thordon bearing systems offer exceptional wear life, a low coefficient of friction and can be easily machined on site. In-house design engineers consult with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs that meet or exceed the customer’s technical requirements.

    Thordon Bearings

  • Trojan Technologies serves performance-driven municipal, industrial, and residential water treatment professionals by engineering physical water treatment solutions that enable customers to meet their water quality objectives and improve the lives of more than one billion people globally.

    Trojan Technologies

  • vGIS is a vendor of vSite – an integrated 3D Digital Twin by artificial intelligence (AI) and highly accurate Augmented Reality.


  • Waste Robotics, an AI sorting robotic solutions manufacturer is at the forefront of revolutionizing waste recycling. Companies around the world are embracing Waste Robotics products for their simplicity, efficiency, predictability, durability, and versatility.

    Waste Robotics

  • WaterShed Monitoring delivers advanced water management solutions, utilizing scientific expertise and technology to improve data management and decision-making in water-related sectors. Their offerings include consulting services, Enki for integrated water resource management, and Nerthus for early detection of cyanobacteria blooms.

    WaterShed Monitoring Europe

  • Xerxes by HydroChain™ offers a full suite of Stormwater Management products, incorporating everything necessary for effective water-quality systems, from treatment to conveyance. Building on its legacy of corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks, Xerxes® provides a comprehensive range of stormwater solutions.